The Recovery Phase starts after the Emergency Response Phase is completed. Damage Assessments are completed by the Emergency Management Department and disaster assistance and funding is requested, Damage Assessments start within 24 Hours after the response phase is completed. The Damage Assessments are submitted to the State of Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management Office and FEMA.

There are two types of damage assessments.

  1. (IA) Individual Assistance – homes and businesses Damage is classified as Destroyed, Major, Minor, Affected   FEMA Individuals & Household Program Inluces:  $25,000 maximum grant consisting of: Housing Assistance (100% FEMA), Temporary Housing (Financial/Direct Assistance), Repairs (including Mitigation) Depends on insurance coverage, Other Assistance (75% FEMA/25% State), Medical/Dental/Funeral, Personal Property/Transportation/Other Depends on insurance coverage
  2. (SBA) Small Business Administration
    Must have 25 Dwellings (living units) and/or businesses with 40% or more uninsurable losses (in a single county),  Primary and contiguous counties. Assistance consists of: Low interest loans, If Individual Assistance declared by FEMA SBA is automatic, Low interest loans for individuals and small businesses, Eligibility guidelines for individuals Must meet income threshold for household, Must demonstrate ability to repay
  3. (PA) Public Infrastructure which is call a Public Assistance (PA) damage assessment. The purpose of the Public Assistance Program is to provide federal and state assistance to eligible applicants.Eligible applicants are government agencies and private non-profit organizations.

Public Assistance Assessments include:

Debris Clearance – Debris on Public/Private Property, Building Demolition, Protective Measures Search and Rescue, Security / Traffic Control and Emergency Pumping

Permanent Work-

Roads and Bridges Roads / Streets / Gaurdrails, Sidewalks / Curb / Gutters, Culverts, Bridges

Water Control Facilities Dams

Buildings and Equipment Buildings, Furnishings & Equipment, Consumable Goods

Utilities Storm / Sanitary Sewers, Lift / Pump Stations, Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution System

Updated 10-Feb-2020